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As you might guess, this site will be dedicated to the wildlife that lives around Penn Lake. Our Penn Lake Area has a diverse list of species that play a valuable and distinct role in our ecosystem. As residents of Penn Lake it is our responsibility to try to create a healthy environment not only for the wildlife but for ourselves and posterity. Educating humans is probably the key to providing a well-balanced, natural and healthy ecosystem. Education, is one mission of this site, by, providing linked information, photos, comments, and conversation contributed by our members. Please consider, joining and then contributing your information, comments and photographs for consideration to the rest of the Penn Lake Wildlife members. Education and your participation are paramount in creating a healthy environment now and in the future for ouselves, children and wildlife.

Feeding of wildlife around the lake, at least for now, will play a dominate role or theme throughout this site. The feeding of wildlife needs to be be discussed; health issues to humans and wildlife, from feeding the animals have not already occurred but continue to plague our children and the goose population. Reports of skin irritations and other conditions have increased in OUR CHILDREN, and there is a good possibility that it is related to goose poop, and this is not acceptable. There is now a second case of angel wing, a disease in geese caused by eating unnatural food fed by humans. Feeding the geese and other animals, has a direct correlation on the population of geese. Canada geese belong in Canada, refer back to the name, they are not indigenous to Pennsylvania, read some of the links to find out more. Other Categories of interest include hunting, fishing, animals in our local area, health issues concerning Humans and Animals, the Penn Lake Watershed, and whatever else comes along that needs to be discussed.

So back to the theme. You might think feeding the animals is a cute or necessary thing to do; you also might think by feeding the animals it makes you some kind of nature lover. You could not be farther from the truth. Today many people are avoiding GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), eating naturally and locally grown foods, in general trying to keep themselves and family healthy. Yet, probably some of these same people keeping themselves healthy, have no problem throwing out unnatural processed food for the wildlife. For consequences, proof, and physical damage to wildlife being fed, you only need look, at now the two Canada geese that have bad wings. Called Angel Wing, due to the eating of unnatural food, fed by humans. By feeding, these two geese now have physical damage, it can no longer fly, keep up with the flock, and it cannot fly away from predators and is doomed to live an unnatural life confined to the lake and dependent on the same humans who caused this trauma in the first place. Is this what you want? For those feeding any animal, is this what you are defending? 

In the upcoming years what fate lies for the groundhogs and fox that are being fed peanut butter sandwiches or skunks being fed cat food, food being put out for feral cats and even peanuts being fed to the chipmunks. Yes the feeding of skunks, groundhogs, and feral cats have been observed. You also might ask; what is wrong with feeding the chipmunks, I encourage you to look at the documentation here or find your own documentation. I believe the documentation you find, from established organizations, will provide a strong relationship between chipmunks and Lyme disease.

On the fence about feeding the animals around the lake; Please take some time to read some of the articles in this web site. I will be the first to admit that this site contents may seem to be skewed to not feeding wild animals but in reality, it is not. Take some time and investigate on your own. You will find it hard to find articles written that support feeding wild animals. I have come across some articles that say feeding the birds in your back yard is OK, but there are also many other published articles concerning the dangers of bird feeders in your backyard. Just briefly, bird feeders can attract many birds at one time, this congregating of many birds at one time and one place, offers a unique opportunity to spread a disease, efficiently, and quickly among the birds visiting the bird feeder, not unlike how disease spread among humans. I understand many of the lake residents were at the recent Bear presentation at the White Haven Library. I also understand that you learned that bird feeders attract bears. I will admit that seeing bears around can be a bit intriguing but in the end, do you, your children, and pets really need to bump into them, because your neighbor keeps feeding the birds???

For those of us who don’t feed the animals and have at least a basic understanding of what happens when you feed wild animals, it now becomes our job to spread the word of not feeding to our neighbors, visitors, renters, and others that come to Penn Lake.

Information and discussion is the bottom line for the health of the people and animals of Penn Lake. I hope that this web site, though scattered about, can provide that information and discussion platform needed for the lake to get the people, the animals, and the lake healthy. This site (an evolving work in progress) does have a working, image gallery, blog, link directory and soon a forum. Please get involved, share your knowledge and opinion on this site.

Finally, the results of feeding the animals around the lake directly effects all of our local environment and us. Again, I will ask you to try to get involved in helping nature get back to natural, and this may seem a bit strong, but, in the end, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Please use the Contact page or email the admin directly: admin@pennlakewildlife.com

White Brown Cow
Highland Cattle
Grizzly Bear
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