Penn Lake Wildlife – Pictures of the Year

Entitled: The New Kitty Castle

The pictures below, show some places where feral cats are being fed and allowed sanctuary. This has led to an almost extinction of rabbits ,chipmunks, and a drastic reduction in song birds in that area. Not to mention the potential spread of disease (such as rabies), fleas, ticks and other problems associated with feral cats. 

Accidently found when the property recently went up for sale. With so many new improvements, fresh straw, pillows, furniture, and a fully enclosed building, the Kitty Castle easily gets a 5 star rating. Don’t forget, gourmet meals are served  twice daily. This Kitty Castle also provides space for other friends, such as skunks, groundhogs, and occasional bear. With so many cats and other friends, fleas, ticks and diseases such as salmonella, are plentiful, so if you plan a visit you should probably wear some good infectious protection gear.  


The Kitty Palace


The Old Kitty Castle                                                                                                                  



 The new Kitty Castle – Winter Entrance

Several tenants (cats) being served by this kitty loving family.

Summer Entrance


Welcome to Penn Lake Wildlife and it’s out of Balance!

As you might guess, this site will be dedicated to the wildlife that lives around Penn Lake. Our Penn Lake Area has a diverse list of species that play a valuable and distinct role in our ecosystem. As residents of Penn Lake it is our responsibility to try to create a healthy environment not only for the wildlife but for ourselves and posterity. Educating humans is probably the key to providing a well-balanced, natural and healthy ecosystem. Education, is one mission of this site, by, providing linked information, photos, comments, and conversation contributed by our members. Please consider, joining and then contributing your information, comments and photographs for consideration to the rest of the Penn Lake Wildlife members. Education and your participation are paramount in creating a healthy environment now and in the future for ourselves, children and wildlife.

Harm has been reported to both the human and animal populations. Reports of skin irritations and other conditions have increased in OUR CHILDREN, and there is a good possibility that it is related to goose poop, and this is not acceptable. There is now a second case of angel wing, a disease in geese caused by eating unnatural food fed by humans. Other categories of interest include hunting, fishing, animals in our local area, health issues concerning Humans and Animals, the Penn Lake Watershed, and whatever else comes along that needs to be discussed.

Information and discussion is the bottom line for the health of the people and animals of Penn Lake. I hope that this web site, though scattered about, can provide that information and discussion platform needed for the lake to get the people, the animals, and the lake healthy. This site (an evolving work in progress) does have a working, image gallery, blog, link directory and soon a forum. Please get involved, share your knowledge and opinion on this site.

The above pictures show some places where feral cats are being fed and allowed sanctuary. This has led to an almost extinction of rabbits ,chipmunks, and a drastic reduction in song birds. Not to mention the potential spread of disease (such as rabies), fleas, ticks and other problems associated with feral cats. 

Finally, the results of feeding the animals (human and animal disease) directly effects all of our local environment and us. Again, I ask you to try to get involved in helping nature get back to natural, and this may seem a bit strong, but, in the end, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.


Headline Issues

So, once again, people feeding the animals are also killing the animals! Two more deer have been spotted with the same skin disease as the one just reported to the Game Commission.

It started with feeding the Canada Geese and that has cause permanent damage to at least 2 of the geese.

The Feral cats being fed have killed off the rabbits  and the chipmunks.

Three deer now have a skin disease because of people throwing out corn and making large groups of deer congregate thus encouraging the spread of disease. 

Respecting others Views, does not mean it’s OK to feed the wild animals!!!!

In short, “Respecting other Views” means it’s OK to feed the wild animals and it’s my view so I can feed all the animals I want? 

“but do not feed the deer. (on purpose, of course. lol) “

In short, throw out heaps of corn to feed the birds, but tell people you are not feeding the geese and deer, just the birds. Now that’s a lol.

Feed the Feral Cats.

At one corner of the lake, all of the above feedings are taking place. 

That corner of the lake through feeding has increased the population of Feral Cats so much, that now, no rabbits or chipmunks are to be found. 

Now it seems, that feeding the deer, has once again cause an increase of population and an increase chance that deer come in contact with each other, leading to a  better chance of contracting and spreading disease. 

Believe it or not two of the geese have a condition known as Angel Wing. Caused by being “Fed” the wrong food at the wrong time. Contrary to popular belief, the hanging wings on the geese are not caused by someone shooting it, but feeding them.

So, geese, feral cats, and now deer are being tortured, yes, (being inflicted with severe pain or suffering on), animals that did not ask for this to happen, but happened because someone’s views think it’s ok to feed wild animals.

When does it end! It’s time to rethink! 

How do you defend feeding the wild life when you see the results of feeding right in front of you. How do you prevent people judging you, when you continue to feed the animals, causing so much harm to the animals.

How do you justify your views of feeding the wild animals, when the evidence points to so much suffering, affliction, discomfort, and hurt to feeding the wild animals.  

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