Did You Know…?

Did You Know…?

• A single goose produces up to 3 pounds of droppings per day. Goose
fecal matter has been linked to the spread of diseases, bacterial infections
and water quality issues.

• An adult goose eats up to 4 lbs. of grass daily.

• Geese are responsible for the closing of many beaches and parks
throughout the US because of dangerously high bacteria (e coli) levels due to their droppings.

Resident geese mate earlier (late March), have a higher survival rate and can live 20+ years.

At sexual maturity, about two years of age, geese will return to the same lake where they first learned to fly, mate and establish a nesting territory

It is believed geese mate for life, but if one dies, the other will quickly find
another mate

Geese can lay up to 12 eggs and nests have been found with over
32 eggs.

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