Don’t Feed

Don’t Feed

Feeding the wildlife around Penn Lake has already harmed the Canada geese population. There are now two geese with angel wing, and they are now destined to live out their life in a very unnatural state. Bread seems to be the leading cause of angel wing but other feeds are also indicated. Is bread intentionally being fed to the Geese? Or accidentally consumed by the geese while the residence are feeding peanut butter sandwiches to the groundhogs and fox? Either way, feeding the Canada geese is illegal at Penn Lake.

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  1. Are you telling me that residents are still feeding animals, especially geese, after seeing what they have already done to these poor animals!! But wait, your also telling me that people are also making peanut butter sandwhiches for groundhogs and foxes??? That’s sick! Of all the wasteful and hurtful things to do to these animals.

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